Save Myuna Bay Petition



The decision by NSW Office of Sport to suddenly and immediately close Myuna Bay Sport and Rec centre was based on Origin Energy’s advice that a large earthquake could fracture its ash dam wall at Eraring. Geoscience Australia - the federal agency which measures that risk - says the chance of a 5.9 magnitude quake occurring within 100km of Myuna Bay is “one in 5000 years or longer”.

I've started a petition and I hope you'll help me collect as many signatures as possible. The petition calls for the urgent roepening of the Myuna Bay facility and calls on Origin Energy to take immediate action so that its ash dam and all of its other facilities pose no danger to community assets.

Copies of the petition are able to be download from the below link


Download Here:

Myuna Petition 52.4kb PDF Format


You can also call (4959-3200), email ( or message me and I'll have copies mailed straight out to you.