A sensible solution for the disposal of contaminated soil

17th January 2020

Lake Macquarie MP Greg Piper says residents will be the big winners out of the Environmental Protection Authority’s (EPA) decision to change the way contaminated soil from properties near the former smelter site at Boolaroo can be disposed of.

Following today residents will be able to dispose of contaminated soil at local council landfills, such as at Awaba, as general waste.

Mr Piper said, “Up until now, residents had been required to load contaminated soil into bags for disposal at the Summerhill Hill Waste Management Centre, or have the material transported to Kemps Creek in Sydney’s South, both expensive options.”

The EPA’s agreement to continue to allow contaminated soil from around the former smelter, to be exempt from the NSW waste levy was also welcomed.

Mr Piper, alongside local residents, had been calling on the EPA for a simpler approach for years and this change delivers just that.

“While this will be a great help to residents, it does not come at the cost of the environment” said Mr Piper.

“The EPA has undertaken extensive testing of soil from the affected area and exposed samples to the kind of conditions that exist in landfills. It found that the soil would fit the criteria for general waste, rather than having to come under the hazardous classification as it was previously listed.” 

The changes are being gazetted by the New South Wales Government this afternoon.

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