Government delivers on funding promises in Budget

19th June 2019

Source: The Lakes Mail | By: David Stewart | Posted: June 19, 2019

Millions of dollars promised to a range of projects in the Lake Macquarie electorate were confirmed in Tuesday's state Budget, Independent Lake Macquarie MP Greg Piper said.

The Budget included $16.8 million to start the construction phase of the Wyee sewer connection scheme.

Also at Wyee, $9.36 million was allocated to complete the upgrade of Wyee station.

There was also $13.4 million to get work started on the new $25-million indoor sport stadium at Hillsborough.

"Given the financial challenges the state government is facing, I'm very pleased that it's been able to honour its promises and commit funds to some significant local projects," Mr Piper said.

"It's particularly good to see funds allocated to the new indoor sport stadium at Hillsborough. This facility will be a real game changer for indoor sport not just in Lake Macquarie but throughout the region.

"I'm also very happy to see major funding for the Wyee sewer scheme and the Wyee station upgrade. Both of these projects will deliver huge changes for the Wyee community."

The Budget also includes all of the funds needed to complete the major refurbishment and construction of Wangi Wangi and Speers Point public schools, he said.

But there was nothing new committed to the Lake Macquarie Transport Interchange.

"I'm among the many people who would have liked to have seen a significant commitment to the Lake Macquarie Transport Interchange project, but the reality is that the business case review is still being undertaken, and the government has committed a further $400,000 for that process to be completed," Mr Piper said.

Among other notable highlights of the Budget was $2.1 million to continue planning for a fast-rail corridor between Sydney and Newcastle, $19 million to continue planning for the Fassifern-to-Hexham freight rail corridor, $7.5 million for the next stage of upgrading Dora Creek wastewater treatment plant, and $1.4 million to upgrade social housing in the local area, he said.

"Overall, I believe Treasurer Dominic Perrottet has delivered a strong and fair Budget, particularly given the weakening global economy, the downturn in the housing market, and the ongoing drought that is ravaging much of the state," Mr Piper said.

"Despite that, NSW is in a very positive financial state and that should be acknowledged, but I'll be continuing to push the government for important strategic investment in regional areas such as Lake Macquarie."

Key Budget highlights for Lake Macquarie

  • $13.4m to start work on the $25m basketball stadium at Hillsborough;
  • $16.8m to get construction work started on Wyee Sewer Connection scheme;
  • $9.362m to complete the upgrade of Wyee Station;
  • $2.7m for Hillsborough Road planning and pre-construction;
  • $1.37m for social housing upgrades;
  • $19m to continue investigations for Fassifern-to-Hexham freight bypass;
  • $397,000 to finalise costings/business case for Lake Macquarie Transport Interchange;
  • $1.3m for new and improved boating/jetty facilities;
  • $832,000 for next stage of pathway between Speers Point and Glendale;
  • $1.6m for road repairs and resurfacing;
  • Funds for new State-owned buses;
  • Continued funding for community transport;
  • $2.1m to continue planning for Sydney-Newcastle fast rail corridor;
  • Funding to complete major upgrades Wangi Wangi and Speers Point public schools; and
  • $7.5m for stage 2b upgrade of Dora Creek wastewater treatment plant.

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