Why weren't they told?

3rd April 2019

It came after Origin Energy, which operates nearby Eraring Power Station, said there was a risk of damage to the recreation facility in the event of a severe earthquake.

A geotechnical report given to the Office of Sport, which has not been publicly released, apparently found there was a chance the wall of the power station's ash dam could be affected by a 5.9 magnitude tremor - Newcastle's infamous 1989 earthquake measured 5.6 on the richter scale.

Myuna Bay staff were told over the phone on Friday that the facility would shut down at the end of that day, despite a cohort of primary school students from Bathurst being at the site. A water skiing competition was cancelled mid-event and more than a dozen staff members face an uncertain future.


Over decades, thousands of children have created lifelong memories participating in various activities at the centre and have grown to see their own kids use Myuna Bay.

If the threat of a severe earthquake was such an immediate concern, why were Lake Macquarie mayor Kay Fraser, her council and independent Lake Macquarie MP Greg Piper not told? Why did Origin Energy not inform Roads and Maritime Services of the earthquake risk, when part of Wangi Road sits closer to the ash dam? And why was the decision made to close the centre, with no consultation or warning, made by the Office of Sport days after an election while the government was in caretaker mode?

Mr Piper was furious about the blindside and has questioned whether Origin Energy's desire to "minimise its financial liability to protect the centre might have aligned nicely with the desire by some ... to revisit off-loading the asset". He has wasted no time calling for answers - he has spoken to Premier Gladys Berejiklian and will meet with Office of Sport CEO Matt Miller today.

The state's new sport minister John Sidoti has said he will investigate the matter.

It has been clear from the outset that there was something off about the decision to close Myuna Bay and the community is right to demand immediate answers.

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