Multi-level car parks needed at rail stations

20th February 2019

New multi-level parking stations should be built at Morisset, Cardiff and Fassifern train stations to cater for the region’s growth, Independent Member for Lake Macquarie Greg Piper said.

A multi-level car park must be considered for Morisset station, he said, to cater for the growing populations moving to new residential developments in Cooranbong, Bonnells Bay, Morisset and Morisset Park.

Similar car parks should also be considered for Fassifern station and at Cardiff where daily commuters are already parking out suburban streets more than 500 metres from the station.

Mr Piper recently commissioned concept designs for three different sites at Morisset which could accommodate a multi-level car park, and has identified more than sufficient land for similar carparks at Cardiff and Fassifern.

“If the State Government is serious about getting more people to use public transport, it needs to invest in better facilities for local commuters,” Mr Piper said.

“We have growing populations in this area, a growing number of commuters, but existing facilities are at or near capacity.

“I had concept designs for Morisset drawn up because I wanted to show the State Government and the local community what could be done. While I believe the best potential is on the Sydney-bound side of the station, a car park on the Morisset township side could incorporate a pedestrian bridge to the shops.

“We’re already seeing significant problems at Cardiff too where all-day commuters park out residential streets because there is no adequate parking near the station. A similar problem is starting to emerge at Fassifern,” he said.

“We need to start with a clear plan, and after speaking to people and business owners in those areas, I know that this is where the Government needs to be investing to meet current and future demand.”

Southlake Business Chamber and Community Alliance president Jo Hanlon said Morisset desperately needs facilities to cater for existing and future growth.

“The place is growing rapidly and we have to get this investment in infrastructure going,” Ms Hanlon said.

“This type of project would bring more people into Morisset and make it much easier for local residents and business owners to move around and make better use of their commuting time.

Northlakes Chamber of Commerce president Max McCorkell said the commuter parking problem at Cardiff was already a major problem and getting worse.

“This area is the hardest place in Lake Macquarie for parking and we desperately need to find a solution,” Mr McCorkell said.

“Cardiff Station is a major transport hub and commuters fill suburban streets up to 500 metres away.

“The impact on the retail area and on those residential streets is enormous. There are two sites – one either side of the station – where a multi-level parking station could be built, but we just need the Government to start investing some money.”

Mr Piper said he will hold further discussions with the community, the State Government and Transport Minister to get things moving.

Media inquiries: Greg Piper on 0407 770 837, or Jason Gordon on 0419 633 325

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