Funding takes aim at plastic waste

9th October 2018

Member for Lake Macquarie Greg Piper has secured a $150,000 grant for an innovative Hunter-based pilot project which will continue the war on plastic waste in the region.

The funding has been secured for Warners Bay company Cross Connections Consulting which is spearheading a project called ‘Plastic Police Partnerships’.

Under the scheme, soft plastics are collected from local businesses and then processed and melted before being turned into new products such as benches, garden beds and fencing.

The grant has been secured under the NSW Government’s Waste Less Recycle More program which is run by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA). The program is targeted at commercially-orientated projects to reuse commercial or industrial waste materials and divert them away from landfill.

“The use of plastics has skyrocketed over the past few decades and it’s now having a significant impact on our environment, particularly our marine life,” Mr Piper said.

“There is now ample evidence that microplastics have entered our food chain, mostly via fish and other seafood. I recently produced a short educational video about the work of researchers in this field at the University of Newcastle.

“We have to take action now as these plastics are quickly becoming one of the biggest environmental and health issues of our time.

“I’m really pleased that projects like this are getting financial support. I congratulate Samantha Cross and all involved in the project, and I encourage everyone, including schools, councils and businesses to get involved.”

The grant program is designed to support recovery of commercial, industrial, construction and demolition waste from organisations across NSW. As well as diverting waste from landfill, projects may increase efficiency, create jobs and save money.

“In response to China’s enforcement of its National Sword policy, the EPA has expanded the eligibility of the Circulate program to include projects that identify new uses for recyclable materials affected by China’s policy.

“I encourage other businesses to explore ways they can recycle material to improve their businesses and take advantage of this opportunity,” Mr Piper said.

Over 50,000 tonnes of resources have been diverted from landfill since the grant program commenced in 2015.

A total of $2.5 million in funding is available under the NSW EPA’s Waste Less Recycle More Initiative and is open for applications until funding is exhausted.

Businesses, not for profit organisations, councils, industry bodies and product stewardship groups are invited to apply for funding. The Program provides individual grants up to $150,000.

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