Cleaning up the town for the benefit of all

9th July 2018

Source: Newcastle Herald | By: Max McInney | Posted: July 9, 2018

Meet Brody Muser. He’s a 21-year-old man from Balcolyn on the western edge of Lake Macquarie who is doing his bit – and more – for the community. 

A few months ago, Brody attended a Clean Up Australia Day event held by the Salvation Army.

He had taken part in the annual national rubbish-collection and awareness day before, but was staggered by the amount of garbage throughout the nearby lakeside suburbs.

Put simply, he found it embarrassing that this was the state of the surrounding local community. 

But rather than just be left with a disdain for the “tossers”, Brody decided to do something about it. 

Each week since the Clean Up Australia Day earlier this year, and often multiple times each week, Brody has been walking through Lake Macquarie suburbs picking up rubbish. 

He cleans up along the lake, in parks and through streets around the suburbs of Bonnells Bay, Shingle Splitters and Balcolyn. 

“That’s when it started [Clean Up Australia Day],” Brody said.

“I was just so disgusted about the rubbish everywhere. So I grabbed a rubbish claw and a plastic bag and [started] going around the lake.”

Brody says the state of some areas left him “amazed” at just how bad it was, but he believes there are simple answers to stopping the rubbish problem.

“There was a pile of rubbish there and then about 3 metres away there’d be a garbage bin,” he said.

“They’re so lazy the can’t even put it in the bin.

“Don’t be a tosser, just put it in the bin.” 

After each clean-up session, Brody takes a photo of how much he has collected.

He estimates that he has picked up about 300 full plastic bags so far. 

The former Charlton Christian College high school student is hoping the voluntary efforts will help him find work, as he is seeking employment in the retail or cleaning industries. 

His service to the community even drew the commendation of state Lake Macquarie MP Greg Piper.

Mr Piper posted Brody’s story on his electoral Facebook page with the message: “Good on you, Brody. It’s a shame you have to do it, but I’m very grateful and proud to have people like you in our community.” 

The post drew widespread praise from those who viewed Mr Piper’s page and more than 300 people have liked the post so far. 

“I really just wanted to do something for the community,” Brody said. 

“People drive past or walk along the lake and say, ‘thank you so much’ or ‘you’re doing a good job, mate’.” 

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