Million-dollar boost for historic hall and pool projects

20th March 2018
Some great news for Rathmines, Fishing Point and Speers Point communities today. I'm really pleased to announce that the State Government has come to the party and will contribute $800,000 towards the cost of refurbishing and reopening the heritage-listed Rathmines Community Hall.

Almost $1million in State funding has been secured to provide solar-powered heating to Speers Point Pool and fund the long-awaited refurbishment of Rathmines Community Hall.

Two grants have been successfully secured for Lake Macquarie City Council under the State Government’s ‘Stronger Country Communities Fund’.

The funding will finally enable the refurbishment of Rathmines Community Hall which has been closed since October 2015 because of asbestos-related issues.

The hall’s refurbishment will get an $800,000 boost, with the council funding the remainder of the total cost.

The council will also receive $181,862 to assist in the installation of a 49.6kW solar system to power a water heating system at Speers Point Swimming Centre.

I’m really pleased to see these funding applications approved.

The Rathmines hall is listed on the State’s heritage register and was very much loved and well used by the Rathmines and Fishing Point communities before it was shut down.

Not only will the hall’s heritage features be repaired, the project also includes new and upgraded bathrooms, dressing rooms for performers, upgraded audio and visual equipment and improved ventilation.

The solar heating at Speers Point pool is also good because it will extend the swimming season by about six weeks a year.

I appreciate the State Government’s help on these projects, along with the Parliamentary Secretary for the Hunter Scot MacDonald who has assisted in getting the grants approved.

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