Tribute to Darryl Marshall

26th August 2015

Mr GREG PIPER (Lake Macquarie) [1.18 p.m.]: I acknowledge the contributions to the State Emergency Service [SES] of former Lake Macquarie controller Darryl Marshall, who recently stepped down from the role after 27 years. Darryl has been part of the SES for 35 years and has received national recognition for his work. His departure from the service came just weeks after he expertly directed the Lake Macquarie team's response to the devastating April east coast low weather event, one of the most challenging incidents the unit has experienced. I was privileged to attend Darryl's farewell function at Club Macquarie three weeks ago, at which the high level of respect and affection his former team members have for him was clearly apparent. I wish Darryl and his wife, Joan, well in retirement and congratulate him on his valuable contribution to the SES.

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