Southlake Community Services

15th January 2024

Many in the community will have heard the disappointing news of the closure of Southlake Community Services.

Southlake Community Services have provided an invaluable service for over 30 years. I want to offer my sincere thanks to the Board and staff for all the support they have provided our community over this time. The decision to close the service would have been a very hard one and it is no doubt a difficult time for everyone involved.

 Everyone recognises the importance of community services for our growing area. My office has been in regular contact with the Board, the Department of Communities and Justice and LMCC with everyone working hard to ensure services continue to be provided to our community.

 As an interim measure I understand NovaCare Community Services will be managing bookings for the Morisset Multi Purpose Centre to ensure the centre continues to operate and that all current bookings are honoured.

My thanks to everyone involved and especially those at NovaCare, LMCC and DCJ for their work and commitment to our local community.

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