Richard Brissenden

3rd August 2023

Mr GREG PIPER (Lake Macquarie)—I would like to acknowledge the efforts of Richard Brissenden from Cooranbong who has to be one of the kindest blokes in Lake Macquarie. Since 2016, Richard has been an integral member of the Southlakes Incorporated team, volunteering his time, skills and caring manner to those most in need. Richard has become the charity's Jack of all trades and is always first on the scene whenever a door needs to be fitted at the food bank, or a tyre pumped up on their mobile hairdressing for the homeless van. He's also Southlakes Incorporated first port of call if someone needs to open up at 6am to allow a delivery truck in. Richard is never shy of going the extra mile to ensure everyone feels welcome, valued and cared for. He knows each and every client by name and greets all of them every Monday and Wednesday with a big smile, and I might mention that that's no mean feat considering that Southlakes Incorporated has 150 clients who visit the food bank each week. I thank Richard for his kindness and dedication to helping the most vulnerable members in our community.

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