Arcadia Vale Public School Leaders

1st June 2023

Mr GREG PIPER (Lake Macquarie)—I want to acknowledge and congratulate four excellent young students from Arcadia Vale Public School who have become some of the youngest role models in Lake Macquarie. After receiving a resounding vote of confidence from their fellow classmates, Payton Smith and Mirriyanan Mason have been elected as the 2023 school captains, while Archie Borrow and Zoe Palmer have been elected as prefects. Peyton is an exemplary role model who is bright, bubbly and conscientious, while also a talented performer and sportsperson. Mirriyanan is a natural born leader, charity worker and a champion for her culture. She is artistic, proud and diligent. Archie brings spark and pazazz to the leadership team. He always has a big smile and does his best to brighten everyone's day. Zoe is a wonderful role model who, through her growing confidence at school, has demonstrated that taking risks can lead to personal growth. I acknowledge and congratulate these four young leaders.

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