Question Time: Gambling Advertising

19th October 2022

Mr GREG PIPER (Lake Macquarie) (15:18): My question is directed to the Minister for Hospitality and Racing. Given the insidious rise in the rate of gambling addiction in the State, when will New South Wales follow the lead of other States and either ban the promotion and advertising of sports betting agencies, or at the very least take steps to prevent children being exposed to such advertising?

Mr KEVIN ANDERSON (TamworthMinister for Lands and Water, and Minister for Hospitality and Racing) (15:19): I thank the member for Lake Macquarie for his important question. Two aspects to that question relate to the Australian Communications and Media Authority and what the State's local jurisdictions have control over. There is the inducement component and the frequency of advertisements that we are seeing. It has been raised with me that the frequency of advertisements is very annoying particularly when children are around and someone is watching their favourite sports show. Gambling advertising is controlled at a Federal level by the Australian Communications and Media Authority and it should be taken up with them. At a State level we are controlling the inducement side of gambling. We have some of the strictest restrictions on advertising inducements to gamble in Australia, including line odds during sports and particular broadcasts. Liquor & Gaming NSW actively enforces these requirements and in the past 12 months has finalised 15 prosecutions totalling $431,000 relating to inducements. For the benefit of the member for Lake Macquarie, advertising that includes an inducement to participate in gambling or open a betting account is prohibited in New South Wales. The Office of Responsible Gambling is looking at what can be done about harm minimisation to protect those at risk of gambling and to provide the support services that they need, in particular, self-exclusion in clubs and hotels.

The Office of Responsible Gambling has introduced a Reclaim the Game challenge to stop the normalisation of sports betting advertising. Some sports clubs have refused sports betting sponsorship, while educating fans, players and staff about the risks of gambling. Current partners in the Reclaim the Game challenge include the Australian Football League, A-League, cricket, National Basketball League and National Rugby League competitions. Those partners are working with Liquor & Gaming to commence a review of the regulatory guidance on gambling advertising with a specific focus on inducements—something about which this Government is serious. The Office of Responsible Gambling, through GambleAware, provides support for anyone impacted by online gambling, actively delivers community education on the risks of online gambling, and provides available tools to reduce or stop gambling altogether.

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