Felix Kozakiewicz

10th May 2022

Mr GREG PIPER (Lake Macquarie)—It's not every day that I find myself acknowledging a young man on mastering the art of age-old weaponry, but Felix Kozakiewicz is worthy of recognition for his exceptional talent in fencing. Felix is in Year 9 at St Paul's Catholic College at Booragul and has shown endless dedication to developing his swordsmanship. Felix recently achieved exceptional results in the Under-16s Northern New South Wales Region Fencing Competition, bringing home a silver medal in the foil discipline and a gold medal in the epée discipline. Foil and epée are Olympic disciplines which use different weapons and have different rules. Foil is a point weapon, where fencers target their opponent's torso to try and score a valid touch. Epee is also a point weapon, but fencers are able to attack at any time and hit any part of their opponent's body. The sport is believed to have originated in Spain, with early fencing books written between 1458 and 1471. It's a sport that requires discipline but also teaches courtesy and respect and I am pleased to hear that we have a local champion of the sport. I congratulate Felix on his efforts.

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