Biraban Public School

23rd November 2021

Mr GREG PIPER (Lake Macquarie)—Learning to love nature and finding new ways of protecting and nurturing our natural environment is something I believe is very important for our younger generations. So it's with great pleasure that I congratulate the staff and students at Biraban Public School in Toronto on winning the 'Encouragement Category' in the 2021 Lake Macquarie School Environment Awards. For the past five years the school has worked tirelessly to improve its environmental sustainability by reducing waste and improving Biraban's three big gardens. Under the guidance of teacher Elli Leonard and general assistant Jeff O'Connor, students have been collecting their food scraps and turning them into compost to help fertilize the gardens and young fruit trees. Students have planted and tended to native trees to help create habitat for local wildlife, and have also built worm farms. The school has also strived to reduce its waste through promoting low waste lunches and 'Waste-free Wednesdays', along with highlighting the importance of recycling. I congratulate Biraban Public School on all of the environmentally sustainable work that has been done so far and I look forward to seeing what our future community leaders will do next.

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