Griffin Smith

16th November 2021

Mr GREG PIPER (Lake Macquarie)—Known among his family and friends as a "super sniffer", nine-year-old Griffin Smith from Boolaroo has put his naturally good sense of smell to excellent use and created his very own micro-business called 'Griffy's Whiffys'. Griffy's Whiffys comprises a range of hand-crafted essential oils which are mixed together to create unique, pleasant-smelling scents and sold in a colourful spray bottle. Griffy's Whiffys has a wide range of uses including as a body spray, an insect repellent, a room air freshener, for cleaning surfaces, as a pet freshener and as a car air freshener. I recently met Griffin at the Lake Macquarie Farmers Market where he was selling his wears. Incredibly, Griffin has been selling his scents for two years, first through another trader and now as a co-stall holder. Griffin was very shy as a younger boy but since running his small business he's learned how to speak to people with confidence. He's also developed a great sense of salesmanship and is always quick to offer other stallholders assistance in setting up their market stalls. I congratulate Griffin on his motivation and creativity and encourage him to keep up the great work.

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