John Benning

4th May 2021

Mr GREG PIPER (Lake Macquarie)—I'd like to acknowledge the passing of a wonderfully community-minded man, John Benning of Toronto. John was just 79 years old when he suddenly passed, leaving behind his beloved wife of 47 years, Barbara, his children Paul, Margaret and David, stepchildren Rod, Grahame (deceased), Michael and Stewart as well as 18 grandchildren and great-grandchildren. John was widely admired and was known for his love of gardening, which extended into his role as a vital member of the Toronto Community Centenary Hub, located next door to his home. Members of The Hub say John was the "perfect neighbour". For many years he was its grounds keeper and official gatekeeper. He always knew who was on site and was quick to lend a hand, provide some company and a sense of security to The Hub's members. He kept the grounds neat and tidy and made sure its lawns were always immaculate, just like his. I recently met some of John's family and friends when I visited The Hub for a special commemoration service and plaque unveiling for him, and he was by all accounts a very well respected and much-loved man. Vale John Benning.

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