Shark attack heroes acknowledged

17th February 2021

Mr GREG PIPER (Lake Macquarie)—In times of crisis, it's the actions of ordinary people who often make the difference between life and death. I'd like to acknowledge the heroic efforts of the residents of Yoorala Road at Yarrawonga Park, and their guests, who undoubtedly saved the life of Lake Macquarie resident Richard Burbury after he was bitten by a shark while swimming in Lake Macquarie. Of note are the actions of Judy Jones who ran 300 metres down a reserve to help. Judy, along with Michael and Lauren Miller and Matt Leahy, contacted emergency services and assisted ambulance officers. While waiting for emergency services, Judy retrieved a medical kit from home and provided first aid to Mr Burbury. I'd also like to acknowledge Mr Burbury's wife Dr Julie Kibby who was swimming with him at the time and also provided life-saving treatment. Other Yoorala Road residents and their guests including Matt Lumby of the Towradgi Surf Life Saving Club also aided Mr Burbury by using a belt as a tourniquet. Their actions undoubtedly saved a life and I applaud them for those efforts.

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