Wangi Wangi VIEW Club

11th November 2020

Mr GREG PIPER (Lake Macquarie)—There was just one new VIEW club registered in NSW during 2020 and that club is in my electorate. I would like to acknowledge and congratulate the remarkable women who formed the Wangi Wangi Voice, Interests and Education of Women Club during the COVID-19 pandemic. Having recently moved to Eraring, club president Lynda Pearson saw a need to establish a club on the western side of Lake Macquarie which, in addition to fulfilling a fundraising role for The Smith Family, could also act as a social outlet for women. In these times of physical and social isolation, such a goal has never been so important. During the COVID lockdown many of the club's members were cut off from family members who live interstate or overseas. The club has provided members with invaluable support, new friendships have been made and networks formed. Despite the difficulties posed by the pandemic and the physical restrictions on meetings, the club has managed to flourish, holding its first fundraisers and attracting more than 30 members. I congratulate everyone involved in the Wangi Wangi VIEW Club and wish them every success in years to come.

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