Tony Prior

By Greg Piper
Category: Local Legends

I acknowledge an impressive milestone reached recently by Tony Prior of Fishing Point. For 50 years Tony, a retired pharmacist, has served local communities through the Lions Clubs, showing an unquestionable dedication to his local community. Tony first joined Lions in 1968 when he lived at Branxton. He transferred to the Singleton Lions Club in 1979 before retiring to the beautiful shores of Wangi Wangi in 2012 and joining the Wangi Lions Club. I have no doubt that 50 years of service with Lions means Tony has manned several thousand fundraising barbecues, and his time has been voluntarily invested in countless community programs, including Youth of the Year, arts and cultural events and charitable endeavours. While he has seen great change in the organisation over the past five decades, Tony said the inclusion of women in Lions had been the biggest positive change. More recently, Wangi Lions has been responsible for a large-scale planting effort on Donnelly Road, Arcadia Vale, and the installation of exercise equipment on the Wangi Wangi foreshore. I congratulate Tony on and thank him for his 50 years of service and extend that thanks to the many members of the Wangi Lions Club.