Oliver Croft

By Greg Piper
Category: Local Legends

I wish to acknowledge a wonderful young student from Blackalls Park Public School who has shown a great deal of initiative in improving his school and local community.

Oliver Croft was in Year 3 when he first wrote to me about the flag poles at his school.

He fondly remembered the daily flag-raising at his school when he was in kindergarten but the daily ceremony was stopped when the flag pole broke.

Not content with campaigning for a new flag pole, Oliver asked me to help him get funds for a second flag pole so his school could also fly the Aboriginal flag in recognition of his school's indigenous students and local places of Aboriginal significance.

I'm pleased to say the Department of Education was able to assist us with two new flag poles.

At a school assembly last month, I joined Oliver to raise the Australian and Aboriginal flags on the two new poles.

It was tremendous to see Oliver's spirit and initiative and I again congratulate him on that. He not only makes his school a better place, but his community and the entire world a better place.

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