Morisset Lions Club

By Greg Piper
Category: Local Legends

I acknowledge a large and very dedicated team of volunteers within Morisset Lions Club which until last January had operated the Driver Reviver station on the M1 for the past 23 years.

Many motorists heading north of Sydney through the Hunter region would have seen this driver rest stop at Beresfield.

The station, which was run entirely by volunteers, began in 1994 in an effort to reduce driver fatigue and cut the State's road toll. The service has undoubtedly done that in more ways than we know.

With a new intersection to be built in that location, the station finished operating on January 1 this year. At its peak, the club served as many as 15,000 cups of coffee daily to holiday motorists.

I have no doubt that without this service some of those holidaying families would not have made it home safely.

I congratulate and thank Morisset Lions Club for its 23 years of extraordinary and invaluable service and to every volunteer and member who contributed.