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Road Injures and Deaths in Lake Macquarie


You see some pretty crazy things happening on the roads, and you have to wonder whether it's better or worse in our area than in other places. Well, the statistics tell us that it is worse, with our cultural issues and bad driver behaviour leading us to have a higher rate of death and injury on our roads than in elsewhere in the state. These people being injured and killed are our friends and family, and we need to do something about it.

Lake Macquarie's Good News Day


Every day in Lake Macquarie is a good one, but today was especially good. We had three major announcements made by Finance Minister Victor Dominello, Attorney General Mark Speakman and Utilities Minister Don Hawrin.

Morisset Hospital Kangaroos


Kangaroo tourism has become a big thing at Morisset Hospital. Having been widely advertised as a good viewing site on the internet and on social media it is not likely that it can be stopped. But for the wellbeing of the kangaroos and the safety of visitors, there does need to be better education about the Do's and Don'ts and at least some improved management. As you can see in this latest video I've produced, people are getting injured. I don't want to see people stopped from visiting the kangaroos, but there clearly needs to be a co-ordinated response to protect the kangaroos as well as the people who visit them.


Hillsborough Road Matters


The community understandably wants to see Hillsborough Road and adjoining roads upgraded to improve safety and ease congestion. It's an issue that has been raised by me and Jodie Harrison MP for Charlestown with the Minister and Roads and Maritime Services and one which needs to be fixed sooner rather than later. In the meantime, the community would appreciate at the very least receiving more information from RMS on just what is planned. Thanks ABC Newcastle for raising this matter with Jenny Marchant today.


Independents in NSW Parliament


This video won't be for everyone but it does answer a question I often get about the value of Independents in politics and the NSW Parliament in particular. It's only about 4 minutes and without wanting to be a spoiler I think the conclusion might be that they're pretty fantastic


Sewer is Coming to Wyee


Sewer is coming to Wyee but many residents are wondering just when? The project has grown but the timeframe for delivery by Hunter Water remains the same. I will be hosting an information meeting at the Wyee Community Hall this Thursday (22nd March) from 6 p.m. where Hunter Water employees will be in attendance to explain the program. In the meantime I have produced this short video to give an overview and update of where the project is up to.


Newcastle Bus Timetable Changes


Changes to bus timetables and routes on services operated by Newcastle Transport have triggered a lot of anger throughout the community. I’ve discussed the problems with the Minister and his staff as well as Transport NSW and Keolis Downer, the operator of Newcastle Transport. This video gives a snapshot of the issue.


Container Deposit Scheme


Residents of NSW have long called for a Container Deposit Scheme, similar to what has existed in SA for many years. Well, we've got something a bit different and while it has had, and still has some teething problems, it will only continue to improve. The main need is for more drop-off locations and particularly for more of the automated Reverse Vending Machines. This video hopefully shows how simple the system can be.


Introducing Lake Macquarie Matters


Welcome to the first video edition of Lake Macquarie Matters. I'm aiming to produce these short videos regularly to keep everyone updated on things happening around the electorate. It's our first effort in this format, and we will get better, but I think it's a great way to keep the electorate informed of what's happening locally and in the State. I welcome any feedback so please let me know of any local or State issues you'd like to get an update on.