Sailability and Wendy Evans

22nd November 2017

Mr GREG PIPER ( Lake Macquarie ) ( 13:19 ): I acknowledge the remarkable challenge being undertaken by Wendy Evans. Wendy, a person with cerebral palsy, is attempting to become the first person with a severe disability to sail solo around Lake Macquarie, a spectacular waterway. On Friday 10 November I wished Wendy well as she embarked on the first day of her journey in a specially modified Hansa dinghy provided by Sailability Toronto. Wendy is doin g the trip in stages and after two days sailing is approximately a third of the way around. Sailability Toronto facilitates participation in sailing and boat usage at social, recreational and competitive levels on inland, estuary and ocean water for people with disabilities , regardless of age and level of disability. Sailability is providing ongoing support for Wendy with a rescue craft accompanying he r as she completes her journey. I  congratulate and com mend Wendy Evans for the ch allenge she has commenced and I  look forward to seeing her after her adventure is completed.  also acknowledge the volunteers at Sailability Toronto for everything they have done to enable this to happen.

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