Transport Access Program

24th February 2016

Mr GREG PIPER: My question is directed to the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure. Will the Government undertake to fix the significant and dangerous accessibility issues at train stations in western Lake Macquarie, particularly at Dora Creek and the increasingly busy Wyee stations, through the Transport Access Program?

Mr ANDREW CONSTANCE: Is that not how it should be done? Members should come into this Chamber, represent their communities well, not resort to smearing anyone in question time, and they will receive responsible and good answers. I wish that those opposite would learn from the member for Lake Macquarie, who continues to represent his electorate incredibly well.

The SPEAKER: Order! I remind the member for Campbelltown that he is on three calls to order. Opposition members will come to order. There is too much audible conversation in the Chamber.

Mr ANDREW CONSTANCE: I know that he has gone to Ministers with problems on a number of occasions, he has knocked on their doors and he has seen those Ministers. He did not resort to antics in this place and he made the right decision to advocate properly for his community. I am pleased to confirm for the benefit of the member for Lake Macquarie that Transport NSW is assessing both Dora Creek and Wyee. I will not refer to specifics in that regard but I have been advised by the agency that it is looking at that. I say to Labor members: That is how they should do it. They should come into the Chamber, ask sensible questions and they will receive the respect that they deserve.

The SPEAKER: Order! The member for Campbelltown will cease interjecting.

Mr ANDREW CONSTANCE: I note that a number of members are advocating for the Transport Access Program [TAP]—an important program across the network. This Government has committed $890 million towards that program. When we assess a project we look at current and future patronage and we look also at the proximity of services such as hospitals, schools and the like in regard to stations and bus interchanges. This program is being rolled out across all electorates and it is something this Government is delivering on. Fifty-one projects in the Hunter and on the Central Coast either are underway or are being delivered, some of which have been delivered fairly close to the member's electorate. We will continue to work hard. There is much work to be done in relation to this program, given the legacy issues. Members opposite no longer appear to be interested in my response. Many projects have to be built across a big network and many legacy issues affect people with disabilities, our seniors and also mums and dads with prams and the like—issues about which we are very mindful. I give the member an undertaking that we will continue to work on this project. I will not commit to a timetable today but it is being assessed. I congratulate the member on his advocacy.

Question time concluded at 3.18 p.m.

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