Lake Macquarie Transport Interchange

23rd June 2016

Mr GREG PIPER ( Lake Macquarie ) ( 15:06 :11 ): My question is directed to the Premier. With the Lake Macquarie Transport Interchange failing to receive any funding in this week's budget, despite support from Hunter councils, the Hunter Business Chamber, the NRMA, the Property Council of New South Wales, all locally elected members and others, due to its compelling obvious benefits to the region, will he confirm whether or not the project still has the support of the Government?

Mr MIKE BAIR D ( ManlyPremier, and Minister for Western Sydney) (15:07:11): I am in shock—getting a budget question in budget week. It is great to have a member who is concerned about his community, understands the budget and understands the importance of good economic management. I know the member certainly understands that to have the capacity to build infrastructure you need budget discipline, you need to ensure you have your operating balance under control, and you need to make sure you have money available for capital and infrastructure, and that is what the Treasurer has outlined. In relation to the specific project, the Government has supported it and allocated $15 million to stage one. I know the member recently met with the Minister. As part of that, we are looking at everything we can do to continue the work in relation to the project. The only way we can have additional funds is to continue the action we have undertaken.

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