Transport Access Program

11th August 2016

Mr GREG PIPER: My question without notice is directed to the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure. Noting that the initial four-year Transport Access Program, largely expended in the Sydney metropolitan area, has expired, will the Government commit to maintaining and possibly expanding the program to allow for needed improvements at regional stations such as Wyee and Dora Creek?

Mr ANDREW CONSTANCE ( BegaMinister for Transport and Infrastructure) (14:58:56): I thank the shadow Minister for Transport for his question. The member can be the shadow Minister for whatever he wants.

Mr Greg Piper: Can I have Treasury?

Mr ANDREW CONSTANCE: Government members would be happy for you to take the portfolio, as we know you would ask sensible questions every day of the week. I witnessed the display of Opposition members this afternoon and saw the Leader of the Opposition call the Speaker a "disgrace". Quite rightly, the Speaker asked him to leave. The stunt pulled this afternoon has brought the House into disrepute. Opposition members should never walk out. They should be in the Chamber asking sensible questions of the Government. The Government is happy to provide answers to the people of this State. The behaviour we have seen week after week is disgraceful. This question regarding the Transport Access Program is important to every member of the House. It is a program that the Government has been proud of and it has been increasing.

I take issue with one part of the program: we have not expired the program and we are investing in regional New South Wales, including the member's electorate on the Central Coast. I know that the member is committed to disability services. Prior to the member entering this place his passion and commitment to Stockton was evident. I know the member's interest in the area. The Government will assist those two stations, as it is looking to invest across regional New South Wales. The Government has invested in 400 projects that are in the process of being delivered or have been delivered. In terms of the member's electorate, the Government has invested in Fassifern station, Morisset station and Cardiff station.

The Government is in the process of looking at those stations and a number of others across the State. It is important for people with disabilities, those who push prams and our commuting seniors. The program budget is $890 million. The Government is focused on providing access and removing the barriers that exist across the rail network. This Government has provided access for 80 per cent of customers with appropriate access to railway stations. There are legacy issues around the program such as an old network. I am happy to talk to the member offline. I thank the member for the question and his interest in this subject.

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