Ronda Mary Miller, Clerk of Legislative Assembly

22nd September 2016

Mr GREG PIPER ( Lake Macquarie ) ( 10:38 :50 ): It is a great honour to say a few words about Ronda Miller as she departs this place. It has been reflected on that this is a sad occasion, but I know that Ronda is looking forward to it so I am pleased for her as she enters the next stage of her life.

It is wonderful to be here at a time such as this, in a Chamber that is so often adversarial, and see Government members, Opposition members and crossbench members coming together to reflect so honestly on the wonderful work that you have done, Ronda. Of course, that sentiment carries through to your staff and also to the former Clerk Russell Grove, who is with us today. I give a call out to the former Deputy Serjeant-at-Arms Greg Kelly, who I understand is here as well. Those people have served this House so well over the years—certainly since I came here in 2007 and first experienced their assistance.

Your sage advice, as was reflected on by the Leader of the Opposition, your wise counsel and particularly the humour you brought to the way in which that unbiased and sometimes courageous advice was delivered have always been greatly appreciated. I thank you for your time served on the Standing Orders and Procedure Committee, assisting the members of the committee. I reflect on the fact that that might have inspired your decision to leave. It is one area where the hardened members of this Chamber have been able to withstand the death stare that has been referred to. I am sure you will not miss those meetings too much.

Ronda, your service to the Parliament has been wonderful. To achieve such a great position—the highest position that can be achieved in the New South Wales Parliament—is a credit to you, particularly as you were the first woman to take on the role, at a time when the Speaker and a former Premier also became the first women to take on those roles. It has been a very significant part of the history of New South Wales. I congratulate you and wish you all the best in your future. Thank you, Ronda Miller.

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