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22nd September 2016

Mr GREG PIPER ( Lake Macquarie ) ( 15:01 :19 ): My question is directed to the Minister for Planning. Given that the Hunter Infrastructure and Investment Fund Advisory Board has been dissolved, will the Minister advise on what will happen to the $50 million that was left over in residual funds and whether a new Hunter-based body will be established to replace it?

Mr ROB STOKES ( PittwaterMinister for Planning) (15:01:52): I thank the member for Lake Macquarie for his support for the Hunter Infrastructure and Investment Fund. That fund has been able to give terrific support to leverage more than $1.3 billion worth of infrastructure projects throughout Newcastle and the Greater Hunter. Already we have seen almost $400 million allocated from that fund to great projects such as the Newcastle airport terminal, wine region roads upgrade, New England Highway upgrade, John Hunter Hospital, Cessnock Hospital and Glendale interchange—a whole series of projects that have benefited, projects that have been vaunted for many years and that have finally got off the ground because the infrastructure dollars have been available, due to the wisdom of the Baird-Grant Government. We have been able to provide this funding to support infrastructure delivery to build a better and stronger Hunter region and Newcastle.

I am pleased to report to the people of Lake Macquarie through the member and to this House that the remaining funds that have been promised through the Hunter Infrastructure and Investment Fund will be allocated. A total of $450 million of infrastructure money will be allocated. The member and his constituents should look forward to good news in relation to the allocation of those funds very shortly. I can say that in terms of future governments' arrangements in relation to the infrastructure funding in the Hunter region, the Hunter Development Corporation stands ready to assist in those decisions in the future.

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