Rural Fire Service Volunteers

1st June 2017

Mr GREG PIPER ( Lake Macquarie ) ( 16:01 :08 ): I recently had the pleasure of attending the New South Wales Rural Fire Service volunteer appreciation service at Doyalson. Among those honoured was Neville Koch, currently the captain of Mandalong Rural Fire Service Brigade, who has served on local brigades for 39 years. I have come to know Nev and his wife, Sandy, well. Our community would be much poorer without their unwavering voluntary service and interest in community. Nev and Sandy have served for days on end during bushfire emergencies. They have manned the trucks and hoses to save countless homes, property and lives. During the 2015 storms, Nev and Sandy were among those volunteers who left their own homes in the cold and dark while they tended to the problems of others. They spent a week helping others despite considerable damage to their own small acreage. And in the recent flooding emergency on the North Coast, Neville Koch was amongst the first to volunteer to help. His commitment to community is extraordinary, and even more so as Nev lives with but refuses to be cowed by Parkinson's disease. The community is much better off for the likes of Nev and Sandy and I thank them both for their service.

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