Covid update - Monday

6th September 2021
Another five new cases were reported in the Hunter Region in the 24 hours to 8pm last night, including 3 in the Lake Macquarie LGA. This brings the total
¿ COVID UPDATE - 11.10am Monday September 6
¿ Another five new cases were reported in the Hunter Region in the 24 hours to 8pm last night, including 3 in the Lake Macquarie LGA. This brings the total number of cases in the local outbreak to 232. There are currently 105 active cases in the region.
¿ Of those new cases:
¿¿ 3 are from Lake Macquarie LGA -
**There are NO exposure sites currently linked to these cases.**
¿¿ 1 in Cardiff
¿¿ Was infectious in community
¿¿ Linked to a worksite exposure
¿ 1 in Macquarie Hills
¿¿ Was infectious in community
¿¿ Unlinked. Investigations ongoing
¿ 1 in Toronto
¿¿ Was infectious in community
¿¿ Linked to a positive family member
¿¿ 1 is from Port Stephens LGA
¿¿ 1 in Nelson Bay
¿¿ Was infectious in community
¿ Linked to Shoal Bay cluster
¿ 1 is from Maitland LGA
¿¿ 1 in Chisolm
¿ Was infectious in the community
¿¿ Linked to a workplace exposure
¿ 8 local people are currently being cared for in hospital, with one of those people in ICU.
¿ There are 439 close contacts of local cases who are in isolation.
¿ To our south, the Central Coast has also recorded 8 new cases over the past 24 hours.
¿ BALCOLYN: I'm still getting a lot of questions about the confirmed case at Balcolyn and the one at Mandalong Colliery which turned out to be a false positive. These are two separate cases, totally unrelated. The Balcolyn case was acquired elsewhere and there are no current exposure sites at Balcolyn or in the Morriset area.
¿ LOCKDOWN LIKELY TO BE EXTENDED: I'm also getting many questions about whether or not our restrictions will be lifted later this week. I have no inside knowledge of these things, but it now appears obvious that the chances of restrictions being lifted this week are extremely thin, or zero. I'd also add that there is no way Lake Macquarie or any other local LGA will be treated differently to other Hunter LGAs as some have suggested - our fortunes are tied to all of the Hunter Region. NSW Health will provide advice to the Government on Thursday and the Government will make a decision then.
¿ STATEWIDE: There were 1281 new cases reported throughout NSW in the 24 hours to 8pm last night. Sadly, five more deaths were recorded over the past 24 hours, all in the Sydney region.
¿ HOSPITALISATIONS: There are 1071 people currently being treated for Covid-19 in NSW hospitals, with 177 in ICU and 67 requiring ventilators.
¿ There have been 131 COVID-19 related deaths in NSW since 16 June 2021, and 187 in total since the start of the pandemic.
There have been 29,253 locally acquired cases reported since 16 June 2021, when the first case in this outbreak was reported.T
¿ EXPOSURE SITES: A number of new exposure sites have been named in the past 24 hours but none are in Lake Macquarie - they're at Thornton, Shoal Bay, Taylors Beach and Beresfield. More details are on my website here.
¿ TESTING: Testing numbers in the local area remain low and are a concern. Please get tested if you experience the mildest of symptoms, particularly if you've been near any of the exposure locations.
¿ QUESTIONS: Please see my Facebook or Website pages for answers to frequently asked questions. Service NSW also has a 24/7 hotline where people are available to answer questions. You can reach them on 13 77 88.
¿ STAY SAFE, stay vigilant, and stay home unless you absolutely have to go somewhere

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