Site selected for new Sport and Recreation Centre

21st July 2020
Some good news today with another milestone being reached in the long-running effort to get Myuna Bay Sport and Recreation Centre reopened. The good news

Some good news today with another milestone being reached in the long-running effort to get Myuna Bay Sport and Recreation Centre reopened.

I’ll be joining Sports Minister Geoff Lee at Eraring today to announce that the preferred site for the new centre has been identified.

I’m really happy, as I’m sure the 20,000 people who signed our petition are, that this is going ahead. Like many, I'm still disappointed that the original centre was closed down, but after two independent inquiries, we have to accept that decision and move forward. We may not have won the battle to get the original centre reopened, but we’ll win the war to get a new centre built nearby.

More information is below but I want to stress a couple of things about today's announcement.

  • The site is a 21-hectare waterfront site at Eraring.
  • All of the facilities featured in the original centre will be replicated at the new one, and more.
  • The site adjoins some residential blocks. From today, those residents will be included in the process to design the new centre so impacts on their amenity are kept to a minimum. The Eraring community will also be consulted on what new community facilities could be included on the site.
  • The site fronts Lake Eraring which is quite shallow but can still be used for canoeing activities.
  • It is not intended that the water ski club will use Lake Eraring. Negotiations to have the club continue its operations on Whiteheads Lagoon are continuing.
  • The land is owned by Origin Energy and will be transferred to the Office of Sport at no cost. Origin will also fund construction of the new centre.
  • The former site at Myuna Bay will remain in public ownership. I’m currently in talks with the Government about having the site added to the Lake Macquarie State Conservation Area, which is managed by National Parks and Wildlife Service.
  • Concept designs for the new centre will be completed by the end of this year. It is hoped that construction will be completed in the first half of 2023.

Here's the media release issued by the Minister for Sport Geoff Lee.

The preferred site for the new Lake Macquarie Sport and Recreation Centre has been announced by the NSW Government today.
The site has water access to Lake Eraring and is approximately one kilometre south-east of the former Myuna Bay Sport and Recreation Centre.
Acting Minister for Sport Geoff Lee said fast-tracking a replacement centre for the Lake Macquarie community is a priority.
“The new preferred site is larger giving us the chance to offer a range of specialist programs and activities as well as continuing to provide watersports,” Mr Lee said.
“We are committed to working with Lake Macquarie residents and community groups on delivering a centre which meets their sport and recreation needs as well as protecting the unique local environment.”
The NSW Government will now prepare to submit a Development Application and seek community feedback.
Member for Lake Macquarie Greg Piper said he was pleased things were moving ahead on a replacement for Myuna Bay.
“It’s also important that we find a way to accommodate the water ski club and make sure the original site is properly managed and rehabilitated. My preference is that the site be added to Lake Macquarie State Recreation Area and managed by National Parks and Wildlife Service.”
“I’ll continue to work on those issues but for now I acknowledge the work done by Minister Lee, the Office of Sport and Origin Energy in moving ahead with what I think will be a very good outcome for the local community.”
The Myuna Bay Sport and Recreation Centre was permanently closed because of an ‘intolerable’ and ‘unacceptable’ risk to life, if seismic activity caused the coal ash dam wall to collapse.

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