Anzac Day

We have a lot to learn from the ANZACs: about selflessness, camaraderie and dedication to a cause. Those youthful, wide-eyed men carried high expectations and a heavy burden on their young shoulders, and their actions didn't disappoint. They demonstrate to us that ordinary people can be heroes and make a difference to the lives of others. They can't have known their gallantry and deeds would become part of a national legend, but that very humility is why we remember them with such affection and reverence more than 100 years later.

I publish these magazines each Anzac Day to honour all of our returned servicemen and women, and those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Lest We Forget.


Release Date File Size File Type
The Spirit of ANZAC, 2018 2.20mb PDF
The Spirit of ANZAC, 2017 860kb PDF
The Spirit of ANZAC, 2016 1.47mb PDF
The Spirit of ANZAC, 2015 1.60mb PDF
The Spirit of ANZAC, 2014 1.53mb PDF
The Spirit of ANZAC, 2013 1.17mb PDF
The Spirit of ANZAC, 2012 1.46mb PDF